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The MCA approved Superyacht certificate courses which are valid worldwide are being conducted by 29 years of experience. These certifications will allow you to work in different positions, including all kinds of motorboats or sailboats, with practical trainings besides the theorical ones, thus it will lead you to a very important turning point and make you jump in your career. These certificates will give you the chance to work on all boats all over the world.

IYT MOY (Master of Yacht) courses are for those who want to work professionally in the “Superyacht” sector. These courses are approved by the “Maritime and Coastguard Agency” (MCA).

MCA approved IYT MOY certificates are valid for working on commercial and private yachts (Power or Sail). Those certificates are very important because they are universally recognized qualifications for commanding a motorboat or sailboat.

There are three kinds of MOY qualification trainings.

  1. Master of Yachts Coastal/Mate 200 Tons (Power or sail); To control yachts up to 24 m (80 ft) long and 60 nautical miles from the shore, and to make a second captain at yachts that weigh up to 200 gt and weigh about 60 nautical miles from the shore.
  1. Master of Yachts Limited (Power or Sail); It is for controlling yachts weighing up to 200 GT and distant from the beach by 150 nautical miles.
  1. 200 ton Master of Yachts (Unlimited); It is for unlimited control of yachts weighing up to 200 GT in the oceans.

In addition to the MOY certificate, our training also includes the five-day STCW Basic Safety Training required by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) which are as below:

  1. STCW Basic Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention
  2. STCW Elementary First Aid
  3. STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
  4. STCW Personal Survival Techniques
  5. STCW Proficiency in Maritime Security Awareness.

If you are fresh at sea or want to begin to work; you may get our other MCA Approved certificates which are as below:

  1. Superyacht Deck Crew Courses
  2. Superyacht Hospitality Courses
  3. Small Powerboat and Rib Master
  4. Marine Communications (VHF-SRC)

Marine Communications (VHF-SRC)

Small Powerboat and Rib Master (MCA Approved)

Superyacht Deck Crew Course

Superyacht Hospitality Training

STCW Overview

Master of Yachts Coastal/Mate 200 Tons (Power or sail)

Master of Yachts Limited (Power or Sail)

Master of Yachts Unlimited

“Our courses are conducted as to our standard training schedule shown as below BUT we also have time oriented programs; therefore if you have a special schedule and request courses on different dates as to your group program, your asking is enough!”


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